PolyGo In Store Now!

After 15 weeks of idea brainstorming, design, composing and development, PolyGo finally available in store! You can get it for free at Apple App Store and Google Play Store now!

Why take so long?

I did mentioned in my previous post 3 months ago about my upcoming project, and target to complete it within 2 months. It end up taking more than 15 weeks totally.

So why the delay? A lot of challenge came along the way, but here are few that take me most of the time:

  • Change of idea. The original idea is to have roller coaster kind of game play, with cool track and world, with multiple scene. I have no idea it will need so much work in design and modeling of the track, and the world for each scene as well. I spent my first month to build the demo and realize it’s just too huge for this project, and decide to drop it and change to a simpler game play.
  • Music score. This is the first time I try to ‘compose’ music score for the game. A lot of thing to learn and I must say I really enjoy the process. I did learned that Reaper might not a suitable tool for me to create music, and I found FL Studio is a very good tool for this task, and it have a bigger communities and tutorials on how to compose song and how to create cool sound effect. I might be writing some post on why I choose FL Studio later. I spend about 3 weeks to work on the score, sfx etc.

Lesson Learned

During PolyGo development, I’ve learned some skills that will be very helpful on my later project.

  • Sound effect and music score. Now that I have some knowledge on music composing and how to create sound effect for things like button and character voices, I believe I can shorten my time in my next project
  • 3D modelling and Blender. I spend a lot of time on Blender to model, character animation, and to compose some image for the app store as well. All in all, it will definitely help me on my next game environment.
  • Unity. PolyGo is my first unity project, and I really learn a lot of new thing about game building, particularly about performance, game lighting, baking.

I must say I make some mistake on underestimate the effort to build the original game idea. I will take this as a lesson and will be more careful next time to balance between idea and effort and time.

What’s Next?

Please go check out the game at App Store and Play Store and if you like it or have any comment, please let me know. If you would like to know how to build PolyGo, let me know and I will definitely make up some time to create a series of tutorial on it.

I have plan to expand PolyGo to have more scene and better game play, but that should be depending on the game feedback and will not be coming very soon.

I already have some new idea for my next coming project. So I might start work on it on the coming next few days. It’s going to be another busy months.

See you soon :)

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