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HTML Table Generator by was a fun and short project I created as a spin off of the previous project a while back. It’s an easy to use HTML table generator that will help anyone without HTML experience to create data table.

Over the years of doing many projects, both commercial and enterprise, I have always needed to build searchable data table to filter data from a long list of information. Data like transactions, customer info, product list, inventory history etc easily pile up to hundreds and  thousands of records.

Without a search feature, the data is practically useless and not user friendly.

Hence I’ve enhanced the previous project a bit and come out with a new online tool to generate a searchable HTML table, with one text field that will filter whatever you type in the box. It’s easy to use and customizable in every detail.

Below are the sample table with default design. I have use the list of top selling album of all time as the data source to demo.

You can customize the look and feel of the table, like background color, header background/text color, row background/text color etc. Check out the sample below.

I’ve included an easy to use editor to edit the data, or if you already have a long list of data in Excel or CSV format, you can upload it and the tools will convert it into the table.

Check it out and generate a searchable HTML table and let me know if you have other idea that can improve the site functionality.

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