HTML Table Generator by

HTML Table Generator by was a fun and short project I created as a spin off of the previous project a while back. It’s an easy to use HTML table generator that will help anyone without HTML experience to create data table. Over the years of doing many projects, both commercial and enterprise, I have always needed to build...

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My WordPress Was Hacked And How To Survive It

3 months ago, my WordPress site was hacked. Like many people, their site is run on WordPress. They got their site up with minimal setting, without any backup and survival plan in case of catastrophic event like server wipe out, or hacked. So how did it happened? From my investigation, was...

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PolyGo In Store Now!

After 15 weeks of idea brainstorming, design, composing and development, PolyGo finally available in store! You can get it for free at Apple App Store and Google Play Store now! Why take so long? I did mentioned in my previous post 3 months ago about my upcoming project, and target to complete...

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Learning Reaper + Blender + Unity and Upcoming Project

I haven’t been able to update my blog for the past 2 months. During this time I play 3 PS3 games. Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider (2013) and The Last Of Us day in and out. I finished 5 manga that is on my to-read list for 10 years. I’ve been working out tirelessly to get...

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Beginner Photoshop Tips for App Design

Why are some of the images in this post went missing? Designing an app user interface require different Photoshop skill than the one for editing photo. There’s a lot of tutorial out there teaching you how to removing red eye, removing wrinkles etc, but not so much on how...

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